Smart Letter Board

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Smart Letter Board is an application designed for users who have difficulties communicating by voice. The app can be controlled by gestures or eye movements, making it easier for disabled individuals to write.

This app makes use of eye tracking and intelligent algorithms that help users to create words using a combination of eye movements and tactile controls. Essentially, the user has to look at a group of letters and then use their hand to select that group. By selecting a string of letter groups, the computer can then give suggestions of possible words - similar to how old cell phones used to automatically spell out words, even though letters were divided onto a 9 key touchpad.

The traditional method uses cardboard letters. Although this method is effective, it's very slow. By modernising this process, the ability of users to communicate quickly is massively improved. The application is configurable so that the user decides which gestures or movements to use. In tactile mode, the keyboard is divided into 6 buttons with 6 characters each. To select a specific letter, press the button of the group that your desired letter is in and then use further commands to choose the specific letter in that group.

Smart Letter Board is a very useful and easy to control option, allowing you to store phrases and words, and greatly increasing the speed at which you can communicate.